Please see below for uniform lists and regulations.

School Uniform 

We wish to maintain the smart appearance of all students both when they are in school and when travelling to and from school. The school uniform and guidance can be downloaded below, but please note the following guidelines should also be adhered to:


  • One small stud earring in each earlobe only.  Cartilage piercings are not permitted. Clear plastic studs are not permitted under any circumstance.
  • No facial piercings.
  • One discreet bracelet (includes charity band).
  • One discreet necklace worn underneath school shirt or blouse.
  • No rings.



  • Worn at all times unless students are given permission to remove them.
  • Sleeves are not to be rolled up.
  • Only school pin badges permitted.



  • Natural colours only.
  • Conventional styles only (No part shorter than grade 3).
  • Year 7-11 are clean shaven. Any student may approach the Director of Learning to grant permission if there are religious reasons to grow a beard. Students in the Sixth Form may have a trimmed beard.



  • Headphones are not permitted in any area of the school at any time.  This is a breach of the schools mobile phone policy, as such headphones will be confiscated and a C3 issued.
  • Black, flat formal / school shoes (not sport shoes, canvas shoes, boots or trainers)
  • Hoodies (jackets made of jersey material with hoods) are not permitted either under or over blazers and jackets.
  • Ties must be worn with the knot over the top button and the crest showing below the knot.  Students must not pull the threads of ties
  • Any student choosing to wear a shirt that can button to the top must wear a tie.
  • Kilts should not be rolled up and the waistband should be at the waist.
  • Trousers should be tailored and not of a ‘skinny’ style or chinos. They should not have rivets.
  • White, not coloured T-shirts, may be worn under school shirts or blouses.
  • Outdoor coats must be dark coloured and not patterned.
  • Shirts must be tucked in with the top button fastened.
  • Blouses do not need to be tucked in if they are fitted.
  • Socks must be black.
  • Tights must be non-patterned, black or ‘flesh-coloured’ without socks.
  • No coloured nail varnish or false nails.
  • Natural, discreet make-up is allowed. For example, foundation and concealer. are allowed but eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick are not.


Please note that students who persistently fail to meet uniform expectations will be placed on Form Tutor Uniform Report and will be checked regularly by staff.  Please also note that prohibited items will be confiscated and held in student reception until the following Friday when only parents may collect them.



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Uniform Guidance 2018-19

2019 Uniform Price list


PTA Uniform Shop Dates

7-8pm in the School Hall for current students
Tues 3rd Sept
Mon 14th Oct 
Mon 18th Nov
Tues 7th Jan
Mon 3rd Feb
Mon 16th March 
Tues 21st April
Mon 1st June
Big shops for incoming year 7 and current students. 10am-1pm in School Hall. 

27th June
18th July 
22nd  August