Summer School

The Summer School show 'Sophie in Olympia' 2012

It is my pleasure to announce that for the ninth consecutive year Rickmansworth School will be running the 2012 Olympic Summer School. As always, we will be offering a creative and ambitious programme of study within the field of the Performing Arts.

This year, during the Summer School week, we intend to devise and produce ‘Sophie in Olympia’. Our inspiration are taken from two very different sources:

Paralympic Values: Inspiration, Determination, Courage and Equality. These moral values will explore the social, cultural and historical context of the Olympics.

Lewis Carrol’s literary masterpiece ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which will infuse the performance with characteristics of the fantasy world.

During the week you will have the opportunity to work with subject specialists in the arts and beyond to explore the stimulus in depth. The outcome of this work will be presented in the form of an Exhibition, Performance and

Awards Ceremony at Rickmansworth School from 1pm on Friday 27 July.

There will be over 100 participants as well as seven staff and twelve sixth formers assistants to facilitate your activities throughout the week. We hope you will have an enjoyable experience.

Vicky Brown
Performing Arts Summer School Co-ordinator

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