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2018 saw another pleasing year of examination results for our students, with sustained enhancements seen at GCSE. Many of the A level students have now embarked upon University degrees whilst the majority in Year 11 have moved on in to our Sixth Form and will be the first cohort to benefit from a full 2-year experience of outstanding facilities in the new Sixth Form centre. We wish all students in Year 11 & 13 the very best success in the next stage of their careers.

At A level, 20% of all entries were A*-A, 47% A*-B and 97% A*-E. The ‘value-added’ (ALPS score) for our students consistently places Rickmansworth in the top 25% of schools in the country, and our Sixth Form has a enviable reputation both locally and nationally for outstanding provision. Whilst academic success is very important, our ethos is to develop all students into well-rounded and confident individuals with the potential to ‘make a difference’ when they leave us for pastures new.

At GCSE, standards and achievement remain strong, with a noticeable improvement in our English Baccalaureate score, reflecting our traditional broad and balanced curriculum pathway for the majority of our cohort. The school’s performance is significantly above National and Hertfordshire averages. The Average Attainment 8 score was 5.6 (equivalent to an average grade of ‘B+’ on the old scale), and 65% achieved the Grade 5 Basics (Grade 5 and above) in English & Maths, compared to 64% in 2017. Our Progress 8 score is again positive, +0.13, and well above the National mean of 0.0. This correlates to our students making approximately 1.5 grades additional progress across their 10 GCSEs than those of equal prior attainment.


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