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Exam Board, 2015

Film Studies



Film Studies deepens your understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of film, from the early 20th century to the present day. You will look at how the industry works, develop skills of observation, critical analysis, personal reflection, practical film and writing skills and learn and apply film theory; you will acquire knowledge and skills which are highly valued by universities and employers. Film Studies is a subject for students who take real pleasure in how films are constructed and in film-making




Key Stage 4 curriculum

External Assessment (50%)

Paper 1: Exploring Film (1 hr 30 minutes, 30%)

Four compulsory questions focusing on one film genre. These questions will assess knowledge and understanding of film language and key industry and audience issues.


Paper 2: Exploring Film outside Hollywood (1 hour, 20%)

Three compulsory questions on one film produced outside Hollywood.


Internal Assessment (50%) - Coursework

1: Exploring a film of the candidate’s choice

An exploration of the micro features of film language in a short extract from a film of the candidate’s choice.

Industry Research Project on the chosen film.

2: Pitch and Preproduction

Candidates create a pitch for an imaginary film (approximately 150 words) then use it to form the basis of a digital storyboard.

3: Production

Students create a short film.

4: Evaluative Analysis

A brief evaluative analysis (500-750 words) highlighting what candidates have learnt about the main study areas.


Key Stage 5 curriculum

Unit one – FM1 – Exploring Film Form – Coursework Unit.

One analysis of a chosen extract from a film of candidate's choice (1500 words).

One creative project based on a Digital Storyboard sequence and reflective analysis.


Unit two – FM2 – British and American Film – 2 ½ hrs written exam paper.

Three questions, one from each section:

Section A: Response to stimulus material set by Awarding Body based on producers and audiences of film.

Section B: Topics in British Film – a study of one genre of British film.

Section C: US Film - Comparative study of two Westerns


Unit three – FM3 – Coursework Unit

Small Scale Research Project

Students to research an aspect of film or filmmaking of their choice (1500 words)

Creative project – a 5 minute short film.


Unit four – FM4 – Varieties of Film Experience – 2 ¾ hr exam

Three questions, one from each section:

Section A: World Cinema topics.

Section B: Spectatorship topics.

Section C: Single Film - Critical Study.


Extra-Curricular and Trips

We go to the British Film Institute’s ‘Reuben Library’ to help the students with their independent research projects and we attend the ‘Moving Image Awards’ also at the BFI. In addition occasional visits to independent cinema to occur throughout the year. We are expanding the film club this year which will now take place in the school hall. Every May we hold the RIFA’s – an awards ceremony for students.