Blood Brothers 2015

 In an increasingly competitive world, speech and communication skills are becoming more important. Through studying Drama students gain a greater sense of confidence about themselves and a greater capacity to express their opinions and beliefs to others.  They develop their imagination, sensitivity and self-confidence through the exciting world of Drama. Whether students wish to become professional actors or simply wish to develop their speech and communication skills, Drama will be both stimulating and of great value in the world beyond education.


Blood Brothers 2015

We are currently undergoing building works to provide a purpose built Performing Arts Theatre which will be ready for teaching September 2018.


GCSE Exam Results 2017

A*-A 39.6%.
A*-B 77.5%.
A*-C 94.8%

A Level Results 2017

 A*-A 32.5%.
A*-B 50%.
A*-C 75%


Key Stage 3

The main consideration is to give the opportunity to explore their changing world as adolescents. Pupils are encouraged to appreciate the skills needed for the adult world through role-play and in building more complex characters and situations. The exploration of form and structure is enhanced by the influence of key practitioners. Students become more sophisticated in their ability to evaluate their own and others’ work using theatrical terminology.


Key Stage 4



We study Eduqas GCSE Drama and the course will appeal to those who are interested in performing and/or the technical side of theatre. It promotes students’ involvement and enjoyment of Drama as performers, devisers, directors and designers and provides opportunities for students to watch live theatre and to develop their skills as informed and thoughtful audience members. This work will be supported by written coursework.


Key Stage 5

A Level

The students study Edexcel Drama and Theatre a Level. The two year course will require the students to learn about different theatre practitioners, explore a varied range of performance texts practically, developing creativity & independence to become effective theatre makers and apply critical thinking skills in practice.


Extra-Curricular Activities and Clubs

The students are taken to the theatre as part of their examination requirements. Year 7 students are taken to the local theatre to see the Pantomime at Christmas. Our Production in January 2018 is Lord of the Flies adapted by Nigel Williams.



Little Shop of Horrors 2014


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