Careers and Work Related Learning

Rickmansworth School is committed not only to meeting its statutory requirements, but to raising awareness of careers, enterprise and work related learning amongst all students. We believe preparation for life beyond school is vital, and provide a comprehensive programme of information, advice and training to ensure all students leave our school having experienced a wide range of work related and life skill opportunities, to help them make well informed choices about their futures.

Our programme of learning begins at an early stage and continues into 6th Form, and includes:

Careers Education, Work Experience, Enterprise Days, Careers Guidance, Careers Resources. These and a full calendar of events are detailed in following sections.

Careers Education

The first crucial decisions by students are made towards the end of Year 9, when choosing GCSE courses. The Careers Education Programme therefore begins in Key Stage 3 and continues into Key Stage 4 and the Sixth Form with provision by form tutors and the School’s own Careers Adviser. Use is also made of visiting speakers to provide up to date information about careers and types of work. A comprehensive programme of Careers Education is delivered within our Lifelong Learning Lessons which are timetabled throughout the academic year for all year groups.


Work Experience

Universities, colleges and employers are increasingly looking for applicants with experience ‘outside’ the classroom and with ‘employability skills’. As such Work experience forms an integral part of the careers education programme at Rickmansworth School:

Year 8: All students spend a day ‘Work Shadowing’ a parent as their first taster of the world of work.

Year 11: We arrange for all students to have a week’s experience with a local employer. This may be in an area they are considering as a future career, but at this stage is aimed primarily at teaching the students those transferable key skills they can take with them in the future. Comprehensive preparation for this is provided for the students by the Careers Adviser, with lessons in CV writing, telephone and interview skills, health & safety etc. and a through debriefing afterwards.

Year 12: This further week of work experience is timed to coincide with the crucial decision making time for sixth formers when considering university courses, apprenticeships and job opportunities. The School takes a less ‘hands on approach’ and the students are expected to arrange their own placements, prepare their CVs, arrange interviews etc. but with support and guidance provided from the School.

Extended work experience is also organised on a case by case basis for those students for whom additional time in the workplace is considered appropriate.

Our work experience programme continues to be very successful, with many students offered both part-time and full time job opportunities as a result of their work placements.



From Year 7 upwards, we provide opportunities for our students to further develop their entrepreneurial and key skills. Enterprise days organised throughout their time at Rickmansworth provide students with a chance to put their business hats on, get creative and compete with each other in Dragons Den style workshops.

  • In Years 10 and 12 we also offer students the opportunity to participate in the widely recognised ‘Young Enterprise Company Programme’ – teams of students form a company running for an entire school year, with an appointed Board of Directors. They produce and sell a variety of products and services, and participate in the Young Enterprise competition towards the end of the year alongside many other schools, in which Rickmansworth School has traditionally had great success. The quality of our enterprise education has been recognised by Young Enterprise who have appointed the School as a Centre of Excellence for Enterprise.
  • The School also participates in the Premier League Enterprise and Challenge Programmes, in conjunction with Watford Football Club Community & Education Trust, developing business awareness, confidence and employability skills.


We provide comprehensive and impartial Careers Guidance within School through a variety of sources:

  • Our own in-school Careers Advisor, and Directors of Learning in Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, provide advice at all key stages.
  • Youth Connexions Personal Adviser attends school one day per week and provides a planned programme of guidance interviews for Years 8-13 alongside an additional ‘drop-in’ service for all students
  • Regular contact with many local and national businesses, who provide us with one-to-one advice to students, and also in-school careers conferences for whole year groups
  • Various careers related software packages on which all students are given training


The School has a purpose-built Careers Suite with an extensive careers library, software packages and database. The Careers Education Programme introduces all students to these facilities and teaches them how to make maximum use of them.

All queries relating to the Careers Department @ Rickmansworth should be directed to: Miss Liz Pickford Head of Careers, Work Related Learning & Enterprise.


Calendar of Careers, Work Related and Enterprise Provision 2017/18




Sept – July


Youth Connexions 1:1 advice interviews & group drop in sessions

Sept – July


Careers Café (Regular lunchtime ‘drop in’ sessions with employers)

Sept - July


Young Enterprise Company Programme


12 & 13

VInspired Volunteering



Peter Jones Tycoon in Schools Enterprise Programme (Bus St. Students)

Sept – April


Premier League Enterprise Project

2 October


Destinations Day 2

2 October


Key Skills Day

2 October

11 & 13

Morrisby Profile Testing 1

8 November


KS5 Options Evening

22 November

11 & 12

Morrisby Profile Testing 2

November – Dec

L3 lessons


‘This is Me’ Introduction to Careers and ‘Grofar’ on-line careers passport

November – January

L3 lessons


Introduction to Careers Resources, GCSE Options & YC Hertfordshire

8, 15 & 22 January

L3 lessons


Alternative Options at 16+ (College, Apprenticeships, Looking ahead to Uni)

February – May L3 lessons


Work Experience Preparation

12 February


Destinations Day 1

12 February


‘Which Way Now’ Conference

28 February


KS4 Options Evening

5 March


National Careers Week – L3 & Form time activities

March – May

L3 lessons


Young Enterprise ‘Tenner’ Financial Capability Programme

20-24 May


Work Experience Week

18 June L3


CV Preparation

2 & 9 July L3


Work Shadowing Preparation

15-19 July


Insight Week (work experience)



Active Learning Enrichment Week

Incl.   Work Shadowing (Y8)                    17 & 18 July

          Enterprise Day  (Y9)                      16 July

          Careers & Aspirations Day (Y10)  15 July


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