Sixth Form

Welcome to the Rickmansworth School Sixth Form page.

Our Sixth Form is amongst the top 25% in the country


Our Sixth Form students are looked after by the Sixth Form pastoral team. Mr Eley is Head of Sixth Form and he is supported in this role by the  Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Hughes. Mrs Plested and Miss Kennedy are the Sixth Form Administrative Assistants and are on hand all day for the students.

We see our role as more than just educating our students academically. We want them to leave our school with a clear idea of the path they wish to pursue, having explored all of their options. We want to develop their skills in resilience, independence, leadership and teamwork so that they can move on from us to become successful in their chosen careers.

Our students have their own block which includes a silent study. They have access to computers so that they can get on with work in their study periods. They also have a reading area which contains information on Higher Education and School Leaver opportunities.

In addition to their studies, most of our students are involved in some sort of leadership or volunteering activity. Some of them do this out of school, helping local charities and organisations. There are lots of opportunities in school for our students to volunteer, from helping Year 7 students with paired reading to becoming a prefect. We also run enrichment afternoons where students can build life skills and enjoy well being activities, such as Yoga, Cooking and Employability Skills.

In Year 12, all students undertake a week of work experience which links to their future aspirations. Students are encouraged to be ambitious in the placements they seek and have secured a wide range of valuable placements, ranging from doctors surgeries, veterinary surgeries and hospitals to engineering, law and accounting firms, schools, , the performing arts, libraries, museums and even scientific research facilities such as CERN in Switzerland. This work placement helps to prepare them for employment and in many cases has been valuable or even crucial in securing a university place. 

We also encourage students to complete 50 hours of volunteering activities throughout 6th form to further develop their personal skills and prepare them for the workplace, and a comprehensive programme of workshops and visiting speakers from universities, employers & apprenticeship providers ensure students are equipped to make informed decisions about their future.

Most opportunities available to our students are advertised on the Sixth Form blog so that students and parents can find out what is going on. In addition, The School's Ofsted report can also be found below.

Ofsted Report 2nd November 2017


At Key Stage 5 students select a smaller range of subjects to study, typically choosing to study 3 A Levels. Students are free to choose subjects from the list below, provided they meet the entrance requirements for each. A Level study allows students the freedom to explore those subjects they enjoy most in greater depth, enabling them to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding needed for Higher Education and employment. As entry to university and employment become increasingly competitive, the grades students achieve are becoming ever more important and students are supported through the transition from GCSE to A level by an outstanding pastoral system and access to excellent study facilities.

All students are expected to work consistently hard and are set challenging A Level targets based on their attainment at GCSE. Progress toward these targets is monitored on a half-termly basis and parents receive an Assessment Tracker report at the end of each term, showing their son or daughter’s target grade and current grade along with attitude to learning, behaviour and homework grades in each subject studied. Parents also have the opportunity to discuss their son or daughter’s academic progress in a consultation evening with all subject teachers and will receive a formal written report annually.

Entry requirements for the Sixth Form are as follows:

Grades C or above in English Language and Mathematics. Students not achieving these levels are required to continue their study in these subjects.


3 Subjects 4 Subjects
Minimum of 44 points from 9 GCSE Minimum of 55 points from 9 GCSEs


A Level Options:

  • Art
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Computing
  • Dance
  • Drama and Theatre Studies
  • Economics
  • English Literature
  • English Language and Literature
  • Film Studies
  • French
  • Further Mathematics
  • Geography
  • German
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Psychology



Mr Chris Eley

Associate Assistant Headteacher

Director of Sixth Form