Secondary Transfer 2019

Emails regarding your school allocation are sent out from the Local Authority at approximately 4pm on 1st March.  Confirmation offer letter emails together with new starter packs are sent out from this School first thing on 2nd March.  Letters detailing your child's position on the various continuing interest lists for which they qualify are sent out second class post on 1st March together with guidance notes regarding appeals and the various stages of the continuing interest process.  Please refrain from contacting the school regarding continuing interest placement until you have received your letter.

Welcome to Admissions.

Rickmansworth School is a DCSF designated Specialist Science and Arts College for boys and girls aged 11-18.  Originally founded in 1953, we are a high achieving school whose students consistently exceed nationally expected grades, in all subjects, at all levels.

Our vision is to do the very best for your child and each year, we admit 226 children from across the ability spectrum. 80 of those children are selected according to musical aptitude and academic ability (23 places and 57 places respectively) as determined by the South West Herts Consortium School Tests.

Applications are welcome from parents whose children are likely to make a full and committed contribution to the school.  We are dedicated to maintaining community and family at the centre of our ethos with the proximity and sibling criteria, whilst retaining partial selection through academic ability and musical aptitude.

Information regarding all aspects of Admissions can be located via the drop-down headings below and downloading the relevant PDFs. You may find the Frequently Asked Questions section especially informative.

If you would like more information regarding our Sixth Form and the School's performance, please visit Sixth Form Admissions, Exam Results and the School's Performance Tables.

The Admissions Office is open on Monday - Thursday from 9:15am to 2:15pm during term time. We would respectfully request that you do not call the school during the busy period immediately following the March 1st offer day each year, but if you have any queries please email

Please note that links to information will open a pdf file in a new window.  If the device you are using does not support pdf files, you will be unable to access the information

Year 7 - CATs Testing

What Are CATs?

Most secondary schools use Cognitive Abilities Tests, CATs, to test general intelligence and to stream overall or set for certain subjects. They are designed to assess a pupil’s ability in three different areas: verbal (thinking with words); quantitative (thinking with numbers); and non-verbal (thinking with shapes and space). 

My Child Has Already Taken SATs. What Is The Point Of CATs?

Some secondary schools don’t like to assess pupils solely by their maths, English and science SATs results in Year 6. They feel some primary schools ‘over-coach’ for the tests, so some children may have artificially high results. 

CATs are used to give a snapshot of a child's potential, what they could achieve and how they learn best. The results can help teachers to set the right learning pace for each child, monitor their progress and identify areas where they might need extra support.

Can I Help My Child Prepare For CATs?

Officially, no. The tests are designed to be taken without any revision or preparation so they can assess a child’s potential in his or her ability to reason. CATs are not testing children's knowledge and understanding as a maths or English exam might, so they can't ‘learn’ how to answer the questions. 

Though many parents feel familiarity with the format and style of the test would improve their child’s performance, past CATs papers are not available for parents to buy from any official assessment body.

What Do The Results Mean?

The result will be given in SAS (Standardised Age Scores) so they take into account a pupil’s age. The average SAS is 100. The scores are used to calculate predicted levels and can also be used to predict the outcome of GCSEs. If there is a wide variation between the scores in different aspects of the test, this may flag up a child who is experiencing difficulties in one area and can lead to a diagnosis, such as dyslexia. Extra support can then be put in place to help the child.

What If My Child Under-Performs?

Don’t be dismayed if your child does poorly in CATs – poor results don’t mean your child is destined not to achieve their potential.  There are many other factors which may influence how your child performs at school.  Having said that, every school needs a "starting point" and teaching groups change and move throughout the academic year.


Useful Information For Parents - Results In Previous Years & Appeal Information

Historical Data

Historical data with regard to lowest scores at which a place has been offered is for use as a guide only.

We publish the lowest mark to achieve a place at Rickmansworth School last year (Academic Test) and for the preceding three years (Music Test) on Allocation Day, on or around 1st March each year. This information should be used as a benchmark to make a decision only about an application to a school within the consortium. 

There is no pass mark for the academic test, places being offered in accordance with each school’s admission arrangements.  Each year is different. Therefore, the lowest mark required for a place in Year 7 in September will only be known only when the offers have been made in the preceding March.

Once you have received your test score on 17th October, you will be able to decide which school or schools you wish to apply to.

Historical Data - Results in Previous Years

Hertfordshire County Council provide a "measuring tool" so that you can check the distance between your house and the ten closest schools to your address.  Please visit the website for your Local Authority and search for "Find My Nearest School".  If your local authority is Hertfordshire, it can be found here.  Please then follow the onscreen instructions for further details.

If you have not been offered a place at Rickmansworth School, the below link may provide some clarification as to what steps you may wish to take next and what options are available to you:

Guidance Notes for Unsuccessful Applicants - September 2019

Secondary Transfer Appeal Information 2018

Appeals Timetable Information for applicants can be found here 


South West Herts Consortium School Test Arrangements ("11+")

South West Herts Consortium Schools Tests

Registration for the South West Herts Consortium Schools Tests will open on:

Monday 22nd April 2019 and close on Friday 21st June 2019.  Late registrations will not be accepted  

The test centre will be allocated, based on primary school postcode, by Wednesday 3rd July 2019.  This has absolutely no bearing on parents’ eventual secondary school preferences. 


The date of the tests are as follows:


Academic Test - Saturday 7th September 2019

Music Ability Test - Monday 9th September 2019

Please visit for registration and further information.

South West Herts Consortium Schools Testing - Entry Information for 2020 and Arrangements for Test Day

South West Herts Consortium Schools Tests - Important Dates and Test Criteria

The Familiarisation Papers can be downloaded from the registration website:

Parents of children with special needs that will require the test centre to make particular support arrangements will be required to send email evidence after test registration.

Please send a copy with the name, date of birth of your child along with the SWH Reference given on registration either by email to the Test Administrators at or if you are unable to send it by email, by post to:

The Test Administrators, South West Herts Schools Tests, PO BOX 2439, Watford, WD18 1UZ.

It is very important that parents do this so the paperwork is received by Friday 14th June 2019, at the latest.  Parents will need written support from the Primary School Headteacher, stating the arrangements usually made at school. 

It is essential that your child is available on the published test dates.  One further date for the academic and music test will be arranged, if required, for children who miss the main testing days because they were medically unfit (a medical certificate will be required) or for specific religious observance only.  Please note: we are unable to accommodate children whose holiday commitments clash with our tests or for any other reasons than stated above.

Please note: Croxley Danes School is part of the South West Herts Admissions Consortium testing under music criteria only





Secondary Transfer 2020

Our Open Evening is on Thursday 26th September 2019, 5.30pm to 9pm.


Secondary Transfer 2020

For our Admission Arrangements please see below:


Admissions Arrangements

Admissions Policy


Supplementary Information Form (SIF) for entry in September 2020 will be available after our

Open Evening in September.

(Please note that the SIF cannot be returned electronically and if you require a receipt you must enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your SIF)



How do I make an application?

Apply online to your Local Education Authority, giving Rickmansworth School as a named school.
Complete and return a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) to Rickmansworth School.
You MUST complete both forms and return them by the deadlines given.

31st October is the official deadline for applications, both to your Local Education Authority and to the School.

If this date falls within half term, you should ensure your SIF is received by the School before half term.  The school will not be open over half term therefore there will be no one on site to accept any application forms as this time.





Important Information Regarding Secondary Transfer - Continuing Interest List


If you are intending to call the Admissions Office prior to 8 March, please be aware of the high call volumes during that time and as a result, any voicemail messages left requesting a call back may take up to or in excess of 48 hours to return.

Following National Allocation Day, all applicants will automatically be rolled onto the Continuing Interest List for a higher preference school.  

You will not remain on the continuing interest list for schools that are lower down your preference list than the school you have been allocated.  You will not be entitled to re-apply for a lower preference school until the SECOND round of continuing interest which occurs towards the end of April.  

The continuing interest list for entry in September of any year is deleted at the end of the current Academic Year (i.e. in mid July).  If you wish to remain on the continuing interest list for any Year Group, you will be required to re-apply through the local authority and submit an In Year Supplementary Information form which is available by clicking on the In Year Admissions tab above.

If you do not re-apply to the local authority, you will not be considered to have made an application to the School for an In Year place. 

Year 7 applicants who have taken the SWHCS Tests will continue to have their application assessed under each criteria that is relevant to them and allotted a position on more than one waiting list.  This practice does not continue beyond Year 7. 


Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have endeavoured to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that arise from the application process - for both the South West Herts Consortium Schools' Tests and Secondary Transfer.  We hope you find them useful, but if you still have unanswered questions after reading through these notes, please contact the Admissions Officer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


In-Year Admissions

This process is applicable to students who apply for a place at Rickmansworth School other than at Secondary Transfer.  If you wish to make an In-Year application to Rickmansworth School, in the first instance we would ask that you read the School's Policy on In Year Admissions and that parents should contact School Admissions on 01923 773296.


If you wish to be considered for an In Year place after Secondary Transfer Allocations have been made then you must contact the School Admissions on 01923 773296.

In Year Admissions Policy