The Rickmansworth School Foundation

Since my appointment I have been inspired by the incredible strength of the 'Rickmansworth' community, which contributes to our students’ academic success and their development into well-rounded individuals ready for life beyond School. Our community comprises of students, parents, governors, staff and many other essential partners, of which The Rickmansworth School Foundation is one.

Established in 1999 The Foundation plays an essential role in allowing the development of teaching and learning facilities for the benefit of all students. Without the support of The Foundation many of the recent site developments highlighted in this brochure would not have been possible. These developments make such an important difference to the quality of the education provided at Rickmansworth and provide an excellent learning and social environment that every child at Rickmansworth deserves.

The Foundation is supported by parents and past students who make regular contributions, which, as outlined in our pledge are spent on improving the School and not to supplement the Government Annual Grant. Every pound is put back into the School for the benefit of the students to make a real and immediate difference to their education.

The children at Rickmansworth are benefiting from the support of The Foundation and I hope you will be able to support us in our desire to provide the very best for your child. A monthly donation from all parents would go a long way to provide the children at our School with the first class facilities they deserve. I would therefore ask that you help your child and children of the future to learn and develop in an environment which maximises their opportunities to reach their potential, whilst continuing to build the special community at Rickmansworth. Thank you for your support.

Keith Douglas, Headteacher



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