"Psychology is highly regarded for entry into numerous careers, including those relating to business, education, health and social justice. "


At Rickmansworth School we study the theoretical approaches of psychology. Whilst doing so, students will acquire practical, analytical and evaluative skills which will be advantageous to all other subjects’ students are likely to study. In addition, students will be required to use both qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate theories as the current specification now includes a 10% mathematical content. As a part of the course students will be required to apply psychological research to real life situations.


Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. Psychology is highly regarded for entry into numerous careers, including those relating to business, education, health and social justice.

The Psychology department was set up in 2009 and has grown into a successful department, which currently has over 50 sixth form students. In the Kirkland Rowell Survey (2013), Psychology was one of the most highly regarded subjects by Parents.

Key Stage 5

We currently follow the AQA specification, which can be found on the link below and provides more detail.


There are two papers to sit at the end of year one, each paper is equally weighted and the examination is 1.5 hours for each paper. This will give the student an AS Level in Psychology.

For those wishing to do the two year course and gain an A Level, there are three papers to sit each 2hours in length and equally weighted.

Studying psychology at AS and A2 level provides the opportunity to explore some of the main areas of psychology such as memory, attachment, social influence, forensic psychology, stress, cognition and development and research methods. The topics have been chosen to help provide a solid foundation for students going on to study Psychology at university.

In order to extend students’ knowledge we encourage them to carry out research so that they can learn how to overcome methodological and ethical issues first hand. We promote independent learning both in class and through the use of the VLE.


Extra Curricular

In order to help students to apply the topics covered to real life scenarios, we are involved in many extra-curricular ventures, these include raising awareness of mental health though assemblies, quizzes and workshops. There is also the opportunity to attend the annual Psychology conference in London delivered by experts in the subject. Workshops will focus on students’ examination technique for the exam and have expert speakers who and current authors of AQA text books on Psychology.  Furthermore, there is psychology study club every Thursday after school for one hour.