"A rich, eclectic array of media experimentation, coupled with strong, confident recording & independent research allowed candidates to develop ideas & take..."

A Level moderator’s report 2015


The overriding aim of the Art and Design department is to equip students with the necessary skills & tools to be able to express themselves creatively. We have the highest expectations of our students and hope to instil in them a high level of aspiration and determination coupled with an enjoyment of Art and Design.
Art is housed in its own separate block. There are three large specialist art studios each with its own computer and linked interactive whiteboard, one of these serves as an A Level study area. In addition there is a smaller ceramics room including a kiln. There are desktop computers within the department which have Photoshop for use by students. The department also has a set of iPads and digital cameras, and facilities / equipment for ceramics, textiles, batik and printmaking.


GCSE 65.7% A*- A 91.4% A*-B 100 % A*- C
 AS Level ALPS 2 64% A (21.5% national) 92% A-B 100 % A- C
A- Level ALPS 2 64% A*- A (27.5% national) 91% A*-B 100 % A*- C


Key Stage 3

In years 7, 8 and 9 students will complete three projects each year. Each project will have a different theme and relevant artists and designers will be used to inspire students to create their own personal responses. A wide range of working practices will be covered including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, ceramics and computer art. There will be an emphasis on drawing throughout the course as this provides the foundations for all creative art activities.


Key Stage 4

We follow the AQA syllabus for Art & Design: Fine Art GCSE. This is a broad-based course which aims to improve skills and knowledge and offers opportunities to explore a wide range of art disciplines including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, mixed media and ceramics / sculpture. Students enjoy working in sketchbooks to research artists, develop and refine ideas and skills before producing exciting and personal responses as final pieces of work.


Key Stage 5

We follow the AQA syllabus for Art & Design: Fine Art Advanced GCE. This is a broad-based course which aims to build upon and extend skills and knowledge acquired at GCSE level. Pupils have opportunities to work in a range of art disciplines as at GCSE, but are also encouraged to use transferrable skills from

their other A’Levels which can lead to the making of short films or animation. Historical and Critical Studies are integral to the course.


Extra-Curricular & Trips

  • KS4 Art trips include Kew Gardens, National Portrait Gallery
  • KS5 Art Gallery visits including Tate, National Portrait / Saatchi
  • KS3 Art Club runs on Tuesday lunchtimes
  • KS4 Art catch up runs after school once or twice a week for the completion of coursework
  • Other opportunities : Make up for school productions / Set / Prop design

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