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Communication Structure

The purpose of this structure is to aid parents / carers to communicate with the appropriate person at Rickmansworth School.
Where there are more general opinions or ideas you wish to share we have regular Parent Panel meetings and Headteacher’s surgeries half termly, both are scheduled on the School calendar.
You can raise specific issues about your child through two avenues. If it is regarding a specific subject please use the Academic route via the Head of the relevant Faculty. They will direct it to the relevant member of staff such as the Head of Subject. If it is a more general or Pastoral issue about your child please direct it to the Director of Learning (Key Stage 3) or Head of Key Stage (Key Stages 4 and 5). They will direct it to the relevant member of staff, such as the Form Tutor.

Immediate responses to emails should not be expected. This is not being discourteous, it is because staff are teaching / involved in other aspects of their work during set periods of the day.  However we would expect acknowledgement of the issue to the parent / carer within 2 working days in which you would either receive a response or a message indicating who is dealing with the issue. Emailing outside of working hours and at weekends and will not result in a quicker response.

During holiday periods staff may have automated responses informing you they will not be available to receive / reply to emails.

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The Academic Structure of the School is divided into Faculties. The Head of Faculty would be your first point of contact regarding a question you may have for your child’s performance in a given subject in their Faculty. The Head of Faculty may not answer this directly but pass it on to either the Head of Subject or the individual teacher.






The Pastoral structure of the School is led by Directors of Learning in Key Stage 3 and Heads of Key Stage in Key Stages 4 and 5. These staff oversee the whole child’s progress together with their team of Form Tutors. These staff would be your first point of contact for general concerns over performance crossing a number of Faculties or a welfare concern. The Directors of Learning/Heads of Key Stage may not answer this directly but may pass it on to the form tutor or another relevant member of staff.



Communication Structure