Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 students build on the skills, knowledge and understanding gained at Key Stage 3 to begin their preparations for further study or the world of work. This is an essential stage in a student’s education as the competencies developed and the GCSE grades gained will be key to gaining a place on A Level or college courses and increasingly these are taken into consideration by universities.

All students are expected to work consistently hard and are set challenging GCSE targets based on their prior attainment. Progress toward these targets is monitored and parents receive an Assessment Tracker report each term, showing their child's target grade and predicted grade along with attitude to learning and home-learning grades in each subject studied. Parents also have the opportunity to discuss their child's academic progress in a consultation evening with all subject teachers and will receive a formal written report annually.

All students take GCSEs in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science, with the vast majority also taking a Modern Foreign Language. Students are then able to choose an additional 3 GCSE subjects of their choice. A small number of students are selected to follow a 4-option pathway each year.

Below are the option booklets for each pathway, click on the relevant image to see the option booklet of your choice.





Examination Timetable and Exam Boards




GCSE Timetable Summer 2017. Click Here

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Student Revision - Guidance, Support and Weekly Booster Sessions

Weekly Booster Sessions Timetable

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Y11 PE Master Classes Timetable. Click Here

Revision websites:

There are a wide range of revision materials available through the school VLE. In addition students may find the following websites useful for revision:


BBC Bitesize:
Sam Learning:




Parent Revision Tips and Elevate Education

Ace Your Exams - Elevate Education Advice. Click Here

Weekly Revision Tip #1. Click Here

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Subject Specific Exam Guidance for parents


Preparing for GCSE PE. Click Here

Preparing for GCSE Maths.  Click here

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Core Subject Advice - Handbook.  Click here

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