Parent Advice

Throughout the year we will host a variety of parent information evenings to share advice with parents that can contribute to their child’s academic and personal development.  Details of these evenings will be sent via parentmail with booking details available on the homepage.

We also work closely with Herts County Council to ensure that parents can access independent advice when it is needed the most.  We are therefore pleased to signpost parents to the Families First portal. 

Families First is Hertfordshire's programme of early help services for families. It is aimed at taking action to support a child, young person or their family, as soon as a problem emerges. This can be at any stage in a child's life from pre-birth to adulthood and applies to any problem or need that the family cannot deal with on their own.

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A whole directory of early help services at will help you find the information and support you and your family need.


Hertfordshire County Council’s Childhood Support Services

Hertfordshire County Council’s Childhood Support Services have developed a directory that shows all parenting provision in one place so that both parents/carers and professionals can see what parenting support is available in Hertfordshire.

The directory allows parents/carers and professionals to view parenting provision either by district or county wide and also allows parents/carers to: 

• search the directory using keywords
• see a map of provision
• view expected outcomes of courses
• see if crèche provision is available

The parenting directory is available at 


The parenting directory lists all courses that are available to parents/carers in Hertfordshire and cover a range of topics including: • parenting a child with additional needs • healthy relationships healthy baby programme • confident fathers programme • caring dads • understanding teens. 




Home Learning Tips

Supporting your child with Home Learning

Rickmansworth School is collaborating with local secondary schools within the Herts and Bucks Challenge Partners Hub to complete a joint research project on improving the effectiveness and impact of home learning. The project will be on-going throughout the 2017/18 academic year and is run in collaboration with the University of Cambridge.  The end product will be a body of good practice and clear recommendations for dissemination with the Hub and beyond. We are interested in studying the element of stretch and challenge within home learning to achieve the best student outcomes.

Following requests from parents, we are pleased to provide you with tips for supporting your child with their home learning. Your child should completing both tasks set by their subject teachers through Show My Homework and also independent tasks that will deepen their understanding of the subjects studied.


Tip Number 1: Recognising Emotions        Tip Number 2: Overcoming Procrastination 

Tip Number 3: Building Independent Learning    Tip Number 4: Progressing through effort

Tip Number 5: Challenge and Reward     Tip Number 6: Show My Homework   

Tip Number 7: 8 Ways to Work Smarter   Tip Number 8: Managing Perfectionism

Tip Number 9: Note        Tip Number 10: Positive Home Environment

Tip Number 11: Resources to Support Revision   Tip Number 12: Rewards

Tip Number 13: Sleep and Diet      Tip Number 14: Pride in Work

Tip Number 15: Book Trackers     Tip Number 16: Growth Mindset

Tip Number 17: Creating a Schedule    Tip Number 18: Distractions