Continuing Professional Development – Teaching Staff

Continuing Professional Development


We take the CPD of all our staff seriously.  You will notice that are programme allows staff to develop in areas that they realise are a focus as part of their review of teacher standards (appraisal process).  We seek to acknowledge that CPD involves a variety of forums, including developing subject knowledge, exam marking, networking in addition to the vast variety we provide in house.  A particular highlight of our CPD calendar is our two day whole staff conference.  This gives us an opportunity to join together as a whole staff to reflect upon our journey as we all work together to improve the outcomes for our students.

Our focus upon CPD is so strong, that despite tightening budgets we have sought to ring-fence this part of our budget.  We believe that all staff with the right support can make a significant different to our students.  We have also been pleased to see a number of staff go on to secure promotions.