05/09/2016 - Head's weekly message
5th September 2016 | Head's Weekly Message |

Planners will be given to all Year 7 students. Planners are optional for students in all other year groups.  Students can collect a planner from their Key Stage office tomorrow during period 6.

Arrangements for Tuesday 6 September




Arrive at 8.40am and directed to Main Hall

Assembly & Transition Events (p2-5)

Timetables issued & Students dismissed by 1.30pm (No Lunch provided)


Individual students invited in for pre-arranged appointments

8-11 & 13

Students attend p6 only:

Assembly (Main Hall) and Issuing of timetables/planners etc in form rooms (as directed by DoL)


2.20pm Registration with Form Tutor

2.30pm Year 8&9 Assembly, then return to form rooms

2.45pm Year 10&11 Assembly, then return to form rooms

3.00pm Year 13 Assembly, then dismissed


3.20pm Years 8-11 dismissed