11/11/2016 Head's weekly message and Parent Mails
11th November 2016 | Head's Weekly Message |

Dear Parents/Carers

Cashless online system – Can I politely remind you to ensure that your child’s account is topped up by either making payment online or by ensuring they have money to ‘top up’ on the machine.  This will ensure smooth running when students register for their food at the pay till and not block the queue if they find they have insufficient money.

School Uniform Shop – The Uniform Shop for 14 November has been cancelled.


Tickets can be obtained online for Billy Elliot which starts at 7.00pm running from 30 November until 3 December

Tickets can still be obtained for ‘Developing a growth mindset for your child’ held on Tuesday 15 November https://www.trybooking.co.uk/XI 

Parent Mail letters http://www.rickmansworth.herts.sch.uk/752/parents-and-community/parents/letters

Yours sincerely

Mr K Douglas, Headteacher