14/7/17 Head's weekly message and letters
14th July 2017 | Head's Weekly Message |

Dear Parents and Carers

May I remind you that next week is Active Learning Week - students should have all received an Information Booklet with details of timings, dress code, meeting points etc.    School uniform is not required, except on the last day of term.     I would just like to reiterate our request that, in the current climate, all students should have a fully charged mobile phone on them for all trips.   Both staff and students are looking forward to an enjoyable and enriching week.

Yours sincerely
Mr K Douglas, Headteacher

Group Call letters sent out this week:

Year 11 and Year 12 Recreational Assistant Opportunities
Recreational Assistant Job Description
Recreational Assistant Application Form
Year 10 GCSE Trial Exams in English 2017
Year 10 Summer Report
Year 9 Summer Report
Year 8 Full Summer Report
Year 9 Spain Trip Information Booklet
Year 9 Spain Code of Conduct
Activities Week Letter
Activities Week - Year 10 Information Booklet
Activities Week - Year 9 Information Booklet
Activities Week - Year 8 Information Booklet
Activities Week - Year 7 Information Booklet
End of Summer Term and Start of Autumn Term Arrangements