24 October 2017 Head's weekly message and letters
24th October 2017 | Head's Weekly Message |

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you for your help and support during the recent Ofsted Inspection.   I am unable to provide details at the moment, but I can say all went well.  

For those of you celebrating Diwali I hope you enjoy the festival; please be careful if you are having fireworks at home.  As we move into the Halloween period do remind your children they can only ‘trick or treat’ homes where a pumpkin is on display.  Elderly people can be terrified when they see a bunch of teenagers!

May I remind you that it is not too late to complete the ballot nominations for Parent Governor.  
Election of Parent Governor - Letter to Parents
Personal Statements from Nominees for Parent Governor
Election of Parent Governor - Ballot Paper

Unfortunately we have had an incident of a student on a bike being hit, not by a car, but by an open car door. Two things: the child unfortunately was not wearing a helmet. School rules state the students cycling to School must wear a helmet. Secondly: please park well away from the School to drop your child off. People who are dropping their children off at the top of Rickmansworth Road and at the School are placing themselves and other children in danger. Please think of others first, and your convenience second.

Finally thank you for all your help and support.  I hope everyone has a lovely half term.

Yours sincerely

Mr K Douglas

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