2/2/18 Head's weekly message and letters
2nd February 2018 | Head's Weekly Message |

Dear Parents and Carers

Reminder – Year 13 Parents' evening is on Thursday 8 February commencing at 5.30pm. 

The School expansion is now at a very exciting time.  The Frame is being delivered on Tuesday and the contractors will start assembling the large building by crane on Thursday/Friday.  During half term they will move onto the new main Reception building.  The normal entrance to the School will be out of use.  Please do not drop your children around there.  We will temporarily be using the exit entrance for both entry and exit.  It will not be open to visitors.

Yours sincerely

Mr K Douglas, Headteacher 

Group Call letters sent out this week: http://www.rickmansworth.herts.sch.uk/752/parents-and-community/parents/letters

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