Head's weekly message
22nd August 2019 | Head's Weekly Message |


Dear Parents and Carers

We have been very pleased with both the A Level and GCSE Exam results this summer. There were many delighted students on both results days – it is a real joy to see them so happy when they open their results envelopes. Many congratulations to them for the many months of hard work that has helped them secure these grades, through their focus in lessons, attendance at booster sessions after-school, and to the many hours of revision in the weeks and months leading up to the final exams. They have every right to be proud of their achievement and whilst academic success is very important, our ethos is to develop all students into well-rounded and confident individuals and leaders, with the potential to ‘make a difference’ when they leave us for pastures new. Whether students are progressing into the Sixth Form at Ricky or elsewhere, or onto University, employment, or apprenticeship, we wish them all the very best for the next stage in their education, careers and lives in general. My thanks again to all my colleagues for their help and support for the students over the year.

At A level, we saw an increase in the higher grades A*-B achieved by our students, especially at A*, which is against the national trend. We are now above or in line with National figures and whilst we are a partially selective school in Years 7-11, at Sixth Form our entry requirements are typical of most across the country.

The rise in top grades enabled three students, Joe Knight (Natural Sciences), Nishi Mehta (Chemistry) and Kirujan Kiddinan (Law) to secure places at Oxbridge.

Congratulations to the following students for obtaining the highest set of grades in the year:

·       Joe Knight (4xA*)

·       Eric Cheung (3xA*, 1xA), Will Eggleton (3xA*)

·       Louis Giles-Thomson, Zahrah Kadiri, Nishi Mehta, Kirujan Kiddinan (2xA*, 1xA)

·       Zoe Jaspar (1xA*, 2xA), Hannah Dwyer (1xA*, 3xA), Max Tirvedi (1xA*, 2xA, 1xB), Emma Slavik (3xA)

 Virtually all students applying to University secured either their first/reserve choice destination or an alternative through clearing.

 A summary of our results and comparison with national figures and last year’s school figures:


School 2019

School 2018

National 2019

National 2018





















 At GCSE, we were once again delighted with how well the students have done. Not all headline measures are available yet, but results look encouraging with improvements upon those seen in the last few years. Our %5+ Basics (those achieving a strong ‘C’ pass in English and Maths) has risen from 64.6 to 72.3, and our Average Attainment from 5.6 to 5.9 (Average Grade achieved ‘B+’ on the old scale).  

Congratulations to the following students for obtaining the highest set of points in the year:

·       Jack Twyman: (7xGrade 9, 2xGrade 8, Total Points 79)

·       Rowan Night: (8x9, 78)

·       Ria Mehra: (6x9, 2x8, 2x6, 1x5, 77), Inigo Stratton: (5x9, 1x8, 77)

·       Zak Granger: (5x9, 3x8, 1x7, 76), Hagipan Sivathasan and Jai Sodha (5x9, 2x8, 2x7, 75)


School 2019

School 2018

National 2019

National 2018




Not known yet


%5+ English and Maths



Not known yet


 My thanks to the Sixth Form team, Exams Officer and Data team in particular for their work over the results days and for their advice/support post-results for the students. Please do contact Mr White if you have any questions about post-16 decisions following receipt of your results.

Enjoy the remaining last few days of the summer holidays.

Yours sincerely

Paul Thompson

Acting Headteacher