A Level Arts Trips to Take Britain and Saatchi Galleries
14th February 2014 | Rickmansworth School |

On Monday 3 February 19 Year 13 art students went on a trip to the Saatchi Gallery and Tate Britain. The aim of the day was to start research for their exam unit which has just been issued. The theme ‘Growth & Evolution’ has already proved very popular and students were buzzing with ideas. Students made the most of the day completing drawings in their sketchbooks, photographing art-works and buying postcards and an array of books. At the Saatchi Gallery they were treated to an extremely informative tour by a knowledgeable member of Saatchi Education staff. Students were challenged to think more deeply about the artwork and possible stories behind them before learning of the artist’s actual intentions. Well done to everyone and particularly Megan O’Hara Knight who is to be praised for her engagement and insightful contributions.

On Tuesday 4 February Year 12 students also visited the same galleries, and like the Year 13s drew, photographed and shopped! At the Saatchi Gallery, the Year 12s were privileged to not only receive a tour of the exhibition but also to have a workshop laid on for them. They were each asked to complete a 15 minute drawing from a piece of art in the gallery and then to work in small groups and plan and create a collaborative piece of art combining elements from each other’s drawings. They had the added challenge of linking their pieces to one or more of the four elements: earth, air, fire and water, as this is the theme for their exam unit. This provided students with an opportunity to work outside their comfort zone and to a tight time scale. The results were fantastic and feedback very positive. Students thoroughly enjoyed working to large scale and in groups. Well done to everyone and particularly to Tayla Gilbert and Joe Harris who really embraced the workshops aims.