Indian Dance Workshop
14th February 2014 | Rickmansworth School |

On 22 January Miss Hutchings and a group of 5 AS dance students visited Harvey Road Primary School to show them the concept of Indian Dance. After preparing a short piece of ‘Bhangra’ and learning some other traditional Indian dance steps we considered how we could adapt them to suit a younger age group.

On arrival at Harvey Road we each introduced ourselves to our first group of reception children. Before we began the session we performed the piece which we had prepared to give them an insight into some of the movements they were to learn and also the style and music. We were each allocated four children to lead a warm up, we then taught the move-ment and the children developed this material with our input. Towards the end of this session we gave them the opportunity to perform what they had learnt to their peers. As AS students we felt this was a beneficial experience as we learnt how to adapt movement to a range of groups and abilities. It was also a fun morning for the children furthering their knowledge and understanding of Indian Dance and the experience of performing.