Sixth Form
14th February 2014 | Rickmansworth School |

Oxbridge Day

Some of our Year 12 students had the opportunity to take part in an Oxbridge Information Day in January. They had a very informative talk about the application process from an Ox-bridge graduate before splitting into groups to discuss their subject area of interest. At the end of the day, they were all subjected to a nerve-wracking one-to-one interview. All of the students found this a really valuable experience and are now excited about exploring their university choices further.


The mock exams in January proved to be a useful exercise for our students and highlighted the areas they should be working on in the next few weeks. With only 8 school weeks until the public exams start, students are now busy preparing and should be thinking about their revision. Study Leave for Year 12 starts on Monday 12 May and they return to lessons on Tuesday 10 June.

Student Finance

Our Year 13 students should have started their application for student finance if they intend to go to university this September. More information can be found at: apply-online-for-student-finance.

University Decisions

Year 12 students have recently been advised about the decisions they are to make in the next few months about what they will do when they leave School. The majority of our students will go on to university but it is important that they start considering their options now. To follow this up, the whole of Year 12 will visit the UCAS convention on Wednesday 2 April where they will be able to research university courses as well as other alternatives.