14th February 2014 | Rickmansworth School |

Year 8 trip to Berlin

Year 8 students studying German had the opportunity to visit Berlin in December, accompanied by Ricky the bear! We spent three nights at the ‘Three Little Pigs Hostel’ which lies just on the border between old East and West Berlin. As well as practising our German language skills at the Christmas markets, we visited many points of interest; Checkpoint Charlie Museum, where we learnt about escape attempts from East into West Berlin, the Holocaust Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate and the German Parliament building – Ricky the bear knocked on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s door (but she wasn’t in!).

We also went ice skating and visited a school in Spandau where students in 8M had the chance to meet up with their pen friends. Great fun was had by all!

Year 10 and 11 Language Leaders

65 Key Stage 4 students are currently working towards gaining their ‘Foreign Language Leader award’. Since it was established under the name of The British Sports Trust in 1982, Sports Leaders UK has been championing leadership courses for young people from the age of 14. The Foreign Language Leader Award aims to teach young people how to lead others through basic languages activities by working to develop their communication, organisation and motivational skills. It is broken down into six units, some of which tackle the generic leadership skills such as communication and organisation, whilst others focus on subject specific skills such as under-standing the basic principles of language teaching and running a language event.

Teaching younger students from Years 7 and 8 has definitely been a particularly successful and enjoyable part of the course