Head's message 18 March 2015
18th March 2015 | Head's Weekly Message |

Chess Cup: Next week Wednesday (25th March) is the Chess Cup which will take place at the Croxley Guild Social Club at 4.00 – 6.00 pm.  This is great tradition of the School.  Parents are welcome to attend and cheer Ricky on.

Year 11 Support: Thank you for to those parents who came to our revision support evening on Tuesday.  We have had many positive reports on how helpful you found this.

Easter Revision: May I remind you Easter Revision is taking place during the forthcoming break.  Please see the website for details or look at the bottom of your child’s bag for the letter containing the information.  Places are available and getting started on revision at School is a way of getting into the revision routine during the holidays.

Mr K Douglas, Headteacher