Head's weekly message and letters - 17 December 2015
17th December 2015 | Head's Weekly Message |

Dear Parents/Carers

It is a great privilege to inform you that during a very prestigious evening on Wednesday, out of 87 secondary schools in Hertfordshire Rickmansworth School was the winner of the Service to Sports Award.  It is in recognition of the contribution we are making in keeping young people healthy and engaged in physical education.  Winning first place is a testament to what we do well – making our facilities available to Rickmansworth students before, during and after School and expecting the best from the whole school community. 

Congratulations to the PE Department, our Sports Partnership and to our students.  We are delighted not only for having the best sports facility in Hertfordshire but also to be recognised as the best Department with participating students.

I would like to wish you a Happy Christmas and all the very best for the New Year and look forward to seeing the students back at School on 5 January 2016.

Mr K Douglas, Headteacher


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