Head's weekly message and letters - 8 January 2016
8th January 2016 | Head's Weekly Message |

Forthcoming Events

Year 11 and Year 13 Parents' Evening

Can I remind all parents/carers of Year 11 we have Parents Evening on Thursday 14th January.  Students will be bringing home to you results of their Trial Examinations and information on support strategies as the GCSEs approach – see letter.

Year 13 Parents Evening is on Thursday 21st January; students will be bringing home to you the results of their Trial Examinations.

Drug Awareness Evening

On Wednesday 27 January we are hosting a Drug Awareness evening.  This evening has been organised in response to parents’/carers’ views.  You can reserve your seat for this event from the front page of the School’s website.  We are planning to run additional information evenings termly, the choice of themes is up to you.  Therefore, please do let us know issues you are concerned about or that  interest you and we will look to organise an information evening.

Mr K Douglas, Headteacher

Parent Mail letters

Year 13 Parents Evening

Introduction note from new Chair of PTA - Treasurer required