19/5/16 Head's weekly message and Parent Mails
19th May 2016 | Head's Weekly Message |

Dear Parents/Carers

Expansion of Rickmansworth School

Next week we should have a decision from Hertfordshire County Council regarding a permanent expansion of Rickmansworth School.  Students and parents are aware that we have taken an additional form of entry for this September (2016) due to our increasing popularity.

I have been asked by parents of children in current Year 5 will we be able to accommodate another form in 2017.  The answer to this is no simply because of the lack of classroom space.  Without expansion for 2016 the further distance place to the School would have been equivalent to Croxley Green Station!  The solution is for permanent expansion to Ricky School, it would ensure local people get into the local school of their choice.  This is being discussed with HCC and I will let you know the outcome early next week.

Mr K Douglas, Headteacher

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