Pupil Premium Support

Pupil Premium Champion: Mr Titley, Assistant Headteacher

Please see the parental FAQs section for information about the application process.

Below please find the Rickmansworth School Pupil Premium offer and claim forms

The current 2019/20 Strategy is currently under review to further improve the progress of PP students. The school follows research from Education Endowment Foundation and the Sutton Trust. Parents will be notified before these changes come into effect.

Pupil Premium Support Available

Pupil Premium Offer Years 7-11

This document is a quick reminder of the provision we have at Rickmansworth School for students eligible for the pupil premium.

A quick reminder that once you take the benefit of pupil premium your child remains pupil premium for 6 years. After this point you will be automatically removed from our system. 


The Government believes that the Pupil Premium, which is additional to main school funding, is the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between children by ensuring that funding to tackle the disadvantaged reaches the students who need it most. Many of the strategies we have adopted have been researched by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF).


Uniform is not cheap and as such we support the purchasing of school uniform. We don’t fully fund all items and a list is available as a download on the school website on the claim form. 

Please either download a non-school shop uniform claim form or obtain one from the main reception.

These forms then need to be handed in to either main reception or student reception for the attention of the Bursar's office. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Please be aware that we have noticed an upward trend in the frequency of claims for school shop items. Many schools do not fund school uniform and if we are to continue to support you in part funding of items we request that claims are carefully considered or this may be withdrawn from our offer.

Trips and building cultural capital

Opportunities for students to develop and extend their wider knowledge areas have for some external opportunities have been shown to improve students outcomes. As such, we have decided to fully fund trips which foster the aims of the school. The Ricky R’s and also British Values.

We will fully funded these extra-curricular Provision at KS3:

Year 7 – Rock UK – fully funded

Year 8 - Christmas markets – fully funded

Year 9- History Somme – fully funded


In year 10/11 if the trip is a compulsory trip which is required then these will be fully funded. At the moment the only trip that is specified as being compulsory is the GCSE Geography NEA fieldwork.

Other outdoor experiences

These are granted on a case by case basis with varying levels of support. Overall, extensive research has shown that these opportunities are high cost with less impact than other strategies at raising achievement. Some curriculum and educational trips will have more positive outcomes than others and as such applications are more likely to receive higher funding than others. We do not fund the ski trip for pupil premium students.


Only useful if students use them and you direct them at home to use them - read to succeed!

KS3 - Handed out in year 7 or In year admission - please direct your child to the KS3 office if they need any materials

  • CGP workbook for KS3
  • Stationary materials including calculator

In year 7 we currently are trialling an achievement voucher - for details please contact Ms Sprenger (DOL year 7). Staff.sprenger@rickmansworth.herts.sch.uk

Food Technology - We support students with the buying of materials for this subject in KS3 -  Normally food technology sort this out in their department but speak to me if you don't hear anything from them.

KS4 – Handed out in KS4

  • Revision guides and books– Every subject the student has chosen for a GCSE option.
  • Please note that other revision guides can be claimed for using the normal claims process for uniform. Either download a form or collect a revision guide/book claim form from reception.

GCSE Art, GCSE Food technology, GCSE Design Technology, GCSE Photography - Please get your son/daughter to speak to their teacher as we will support the buying of materials for these subjects.

Additional Support

With the money the government provides the school we employ extra TAs to help with homework club and support those who need additional help. We also in KS3 run extra English and Maths to ensure that those who need the help get it early on. For years 10/11 we support revision classes which are run by the school and these are fully funded (these are normally held around Easter or at weekends).

We also support those with aspirations to go onto Further education and potentially in the future university. We help with applications if they want to apply for an Oxbridge or russell group university run event for high achieving students. For any careers related help please see Mrs Link in the Careers office or alternatively email her at Staff.link@rickmansworth.herts.sch.uk

In year 10/11 we also provide a 1:1 meeting with a careers advisor to discuss their post 16 options. This is especially important if they want to apply for medical, veterinary science and oxbridge​

Attendance is probably the biggest influence when it comes to students attainment. Stopping short of paying your child to be in school we do run form group rewards for 100% attendance. Ideally you will help the school by getting your child into school.

Other information

If the resources are lost then you will be responsible for the replacement of these materials. If consumable resources, like pens, have come to the end of their life, then please see the Key Stage office for more supplies.

It is unfortunate that due to the nature of the pupil premium payment, we cannot support tuition outside of school.

Final note:

If there is anything we can further help with, or you think we should be aware of, please contact Mr Titley will discuss in confidence your concerns. My email address is staff.titley@rickmansworth.herts.sch.uk




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