Sixth Form Facilities

Our brand new Sixth Form centre was opened in September 2018 and gives our students a first class area to study and enjoy the Sixth Form experience. There are a number of different areas which have been designed to meet the differing requirements of our learners. 

Coffee Shop

The coffee shop and cafe is open from 8am every day, providing hot and cold drinks, breakfast, lunch and snack options. The facility is only available to Sixth Form students and staff.

Group Study

The Group Study has a mixture of coffee shop style sofas and tables, providing students with an area that they can eat and drink whilst carrying on with their studies. This area allows students to work both collaboratively and individually. 

Silent Study

The Silent Study is an area where students work in silence. This area is designed for students who wish to concentrate and not be disturbed. 

Study Classrooms

Students are also permitted to make use of the two classrooms which run alongside the group study. These can be booked out and used for individual or group work.

Learning Resource Centre

Students also have the use of the Library and Resource Centre which opened in November 2019. This facility, located away from the Sixth Form Centre, is an extra study space for students wishing to work in silence.