Attendance at Rickmansworth School is exceptional with the majority of students exceeding national and county averages, thus ensuring they achieve their potential. It is widely acknowledged that a child’s school attendance is directly linked to their academic attainment, personal development and opportunities presented beyond school. We would therefore like to clarify the School's expectations and procedures to ensure all students have exceptional attendance. 

Whilst we expect students at Rickmansworth School to attend school every day, we understand that illness and bespoke reasons can prevent attendance at times. We therefore expect all students to achieve at least 96% attendance and ask you to support us in achieving this target by following the guidance below;

  • please avoid requests for holiday during term time as these will not be approved

  • please make requests for absence due to exceptional circumstances in writing to Mr Fletcher using the application form below:


  • please avoid making medical appointments during the school day, where this is not possible evidence of the medical appointment is required 

  • medical evidence is required when a student is absent for 5 or more days (consecutive or separate) for the same reason

  • please email before 08:00 if your child is unable to attend school due to illness.  Alternatively please call 01923 726923 if you are unable to email.

  • parents of students not reported absent will be contacted each morning to confirm the reason for absence

  • work is not able to be provided for students absent from school 

Please liaise with your child's Form Tutor and/or Director of Learning should you wish to discuss your child’s attendance in more detail, otherwise a range of parental guidance and support is also available for parents to help address pastoral matters which might be a cause for low attendance.