Support: Helpful Websites and Information

In this section you will find useful websites and information about a range of issues for both parents and students.

If you have any further questions, please email the appropriate Director of Learning.

STUDENT: Covid-19 Support

Barnardo’s ‘See, Hear, Respond’ service

See, Hear, Respond is a service provided across England by Barnardo’s and other national and local community-based organisations in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

See, Hear, Respond, provides support to children, young people and their families who aren’t currently seeing a social worker or other agency, and who are struggling to cope with the emotional impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19). See, Hear, Respond will support from pre-birth up to 18 years of age and those with special educational needs under the age of 25.

See, Hear, Respond will contact every referral made, so no child is missed. Help is available in one or more of four ways:

  • an online hub of support and information
  • online counselling and therapy
  • face-to-face support for those most affected and at risk of some of today’s most pertinent issues, such as criminal exploitation, and
  • helping children and young people reintegrate back into school

You can access via the ‘See, Hear, Respond’ service self-referral webpage or Freephone 0800 151 7015.

STUDENT: Advice and Support

We would always encourage students to speak to a member of staff or a trusted adult if they need guidance or advice. However, we understand that this can be difficult and therefore encourage students to contact one of the external agencies we work with. 

Hertfordshire Services for Young People

Specifically aimed at young people in Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire Services for Young People gives a wide range of information and advice, including links to options guidance, jobs, training opportunities & work experience.  It is an extensive website with links to many other resources.



The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) works across the UK tackling child sex abuse and providing advice for parents, young people and children.


To help get info and advice about a wide range of issues, talk to a counsellor online, send Childline an email or post on the message boards.


The NSPCC offer help, advice and support to parents, professionals and families.


Young people in care and leaving care

Love your body, Love yourself, #lovehealth; An NHS Teen Health website.

No Knives Better Lives

A website where you can find separate sections for young people and parents regarding knife crime. 


The Childrens Society

This website offers advice and resources about county lines and gangs, including case studies and material for parents in different languages. 


Fearless is a site where you can access non-judgemental information and advice about crime and criminality. What makes this site different is it provides a safe place to give information to about crime - 100% anonymously.



Signpost is a charitable organisation that provides free counselling, coaching and other support to help young people aged 10-25 and living in South and West Hertfordshire overcome problems in their lives. 

PARENT: Covid-19 Support

PARENT: Advice and Support

Throughout the year we will host a variety of parent information evenings to share advice with parents that can contribute to their child’s academic and personal development.  Previous topics have included mental health, dealing with exam stress, eSafety and substance abuse. Details of these evenings will be sent via Groupcall to parents with booking details available on the homepage. Please click here to view the programme for 2021-2022.

Families First

We work closely with Herts County Council to ensure that parents can access independent advice when it is needed the most.  We are therefore pleased to signpost parents to the Families First portal. 

Families First is Hertfordshire's programme of early help services for families. It is aimed at taking action to support a child, young person or their family, as soon as a problem emerges. This can be at any stage in a child's life from pre-birth to adulthood and applies to any problem or need that the family cannot deal with on their own.

Childhood Support Services

We also work with Hertfordshire County Council’s Childhood Support Services have developed a directory that shows all parenting provision in one place so that both parents/carers and professionals can see what parenting support is available in Hertfordshire.

The parenting directory lists all courses that are available to parents/carers in Hertfordshire and cover a range of topics including:

• parenting a child with additional needs

• healthy relationships healthy baby programme

• confident fathers programme

• caring dads

• understanding teens.

The parenting directory is available at 


We are proud to work closely with Dignify to champion healthy relationships for children and young people by equipping and empowering them to be protected from the harmful effects of pornography.  Dignify is a local charity that works with local schools to raise the awareness of this important topic and their parent workshop provides guidance, advice and support for parents. A copy of their 2022 parent workshop is available below.

Parenting Digital Teens - Rickmansworth School Presentation


We have very strong links with DSPL9 who support Children, Young People (0-25 years) & Families in Early Years, Schools, Colleges, in the Community and at Home in Watford, Three Rivers, Bushey & Radlett.  DSPL9 provide a service that finds positive solutions to multi-complex needs. 

The team will consider service requests to support families, children or young people with multi-complex/agency needs that require intensive involvement. DSPL9 use a triage technique to identify services or organisations that will meet the need. In cases where this cannot be accomplished DSPL9 will endeavour to design and apply an appropriate solution.

Service Requests are accepted from Professionals, Parents, Carers and Young People  If you prefer to have a conversation you are welcome to call Jan on 07715 415894

Guidance for parents and carers on safeguarding children in out-of-school settings
Confirming if a community organisation, club or activity provider is safe in an environment for your child to attend can sometimes be difficult to establish.  We are therefore pleased to share the DfE guidance 'Keeping children safe during community activities, after- school clubs and tuition' which provides parents and careers with guidance regarding questions to ask in order to choose out-of-school activities that meet the appropriate safeguarding requirements. 

My Teen Brain - Advice and support tips for parents of teenagers

Child exploitation and online protection command


Knife Crimes

This Home Office approved website offers advice and resources for parents and young people around knife crime and keeping safe.

www.knifecrimes.orgNo Knives Better Lives is a website where you can find separate sections for young people and parents regarding knife crime.


The Children's Society

This website offers advice and resources about county lines and gangs, including case studies and material for parents in different languages.


This website offers advice and resources around many topics including anti-social behaviour, cyber bullying, domestic abuse, drugs and legal highs, radicalisation, sexting, abuse within teen relationships and teen sexual harm advice.


Fearless is a site where you can access non-judgemental information and advice about crime and criminality. What makes this site different is it provides a safe place to give information to about crime - 100% anonymously.

Families Together London

Families Together London is a support group for parents of LGBT+ youths set up to support parents in coming to terms with the sexuality or gender identity of their child and enables parents to meet with people who have experienced a similar situation to their own.


Talking to your child about online sexual harassment (a guide for parents)

This guidance is an excellent resource produced by the Children's Commissioner to provide parents and carers an overview of how to protect their children from online sexual abuse.  It provides useful tips and hints, including how to start conversations, indicators of sexualised bullying and how to respond to concerns. Parent Guide: Talking to Your Child About Online Sexual Harassment


VapeWatch provides online advice and information to support safe vaping of disposable products, including safeguarding against them getting into the hands of U18 year olds. 


PARENT: Workshops & Information Evenings

Parent Information Evenings  

Please find below copies of the presentations shared with parents at recent parent information evenings.

Year 7 meet The Form Tutor & PTA Presentation 2022

Year 7 Meet The Form Tutor 2022

Parent Workshops - 2022-23  

Please click on the link below to view the content of the parent/carer workshops available to you this academic year, also listed below.

Workshop 1


Wednesday 5 October 2022


18:30 - 19:30


Main hall

Supporting Home Learning


Particularly relevant to Parents in Years 7 and 8. 

Event open to parents of all year groups.  

Supporting your child to be the best learner they can be!

National research has repeatedly demonstrated that parents and carers are the most influential factor in the long-term academic success of their children.

This session led by Kate Stockdale, a Wellbeing Adviser at Herts for Learning, will share a number of simple proven and effective ideas and approaches that can be adopted to help parents and carers support their child’s learning at home. Themes such as resilience, independent learning, fixed and growth mind-set and aspiration building will be explored.

Workshop 2


Monday 21 November 2022


18:30 - 19:30


Main hall

Online Safety


Particularly relevant to Parents in Years 7, 8 and 9. 

Event open to parents of all year groups.  

Promoting a healthy and safe digital life

The digital world is an amazing place, but with few rules. It provides positive opportunities for children and young people to learn, socialise and play but they also need to understand the challenges and risks. This session will: 

  • Consider how young people use the Internet

  • Recognise the opportunities and benefits online world can give

  • Raise awareness of a range of potential online safety risks

  • Help parents/carers to support young people to be safe online and promote healthy online activity.

Workshop 3


Tuesday 6 December 2022


18:30 - 19:30


Main hall

Sexual Harassment and Sexualised Behaviour


Event open to parents of all year groups.

Sexual Harassment and Sexualised Behaviour 

The national rise in young people’s experience of and involvement in child on child sexual harassment and unwanted sexualised behaviour, both online and in the real world, has been recognised and highlighted over recent years. All schools are now required to assume that it is happening in their school regardless of whether it is being reported. This session will inform parents on the nature of the issues and how schools are responding, and will provide helpful information to assist you in educating and supporting your children at home.

Workshop 4


Monday 30 January 2023


18:30 - 19:30


Main hall

Exam and Test Anxiety and Stress 


Event open to Parents of KS4 and KS5. 

Coping with exam and test anxiety and stress

It’s normal to feel worried and anxious about exams, but for some the thought of exams can be overwhelming and have a negative impact on mental health. This session will look at:   

  • The characteristics of anxiety and stress

  • How to look after mental health during revision and exam times

  • Coping strategies for young people and building motivation

  • Planning a revision programme

  • How parents/carers can support during exam time- The ‘Back up Team’! 

  • Signposting support available to parents and young people 

Workshop 5


Tuesday 28 February 2023


18:30 - 19:30


Main hall

Mental Health and Wellbeing


Particularly relevant to Parents of Years 10, 11, 12 and 13.

Event open to parents of all year groups.  

Supporting positive emotional wellbeing and mental health

This session stands on its own, but also builds on from the session on anxiety and stress. It focuses on how parents can adopt approaches that will support their children/teens to increase their resilience and develop strategies to help themselves and others to maintain positive wellbeing and mental health. 

The session will pick up on effective ideas and approaches from positive psychology. We will explore responses to problem behaviour, skill-building, and the importance of expressing emotions, gratitude and the truth about finding happiness.

PARENTS & STUDENTS: Wellbeing and Mental Health Support

Register here graphic


Click on the picture above to register to the wellbeing hub to support your wellbeing and those around you!

Mental Health Support Pyramid

Student Dashboard

Mental Health and Wellbeing page on the Student Dashboard. You will need to have a school login to access this page.

NHS Support 

A huge list of mental health and wellbeing support for all ages.


Kooth is a free online service that offers emotional and mental health support for children and young people. You can have a "drop-in" chat with a counsellor or therapist or book a one-to-one session.

Anna Freud Centre

Anna Freud aims to create a world where children and families are supported effectively to build on their strengths and to achieve their goals in life.

Anxiety UK

Charity providing support if you have been diagnosed with an anxiety condition. Phone: 03444 775 774 (Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5.30pm).

Action for Happiness

Action for Happiness helps people take action for a happier and kinder world through effective resources and support.

Head Space

Less stressed. More resilient. Happier. It all starts with just a few minutes a day.

Healthy Young Minds

Information about challenges parents face with teenagers and how to deal with issues as they arise.

My Teen Brain

Advice and support tips for parents of teenagers.

The OLLIE Foundation

The OLLIE Foundation works with the NHS, Public Health Herts and Hertfordshire Constabulary to train front line staff as well as Teachers, Youth Workers, parents and older teens across the County. We are very proud to be recognised at one of Hertfordshire’s leading suicide prevention charities.

Men's Health Forum

24/7 stress support for men by text, chat and email.


Mind promotes the views and needs of people with mental health problems. Phone: 0300 123 3393 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm).

Just Talk

Just Talk in Herts offers guidance regarding mental health and wellbeing.


Signpost Parent Support


Signpost is a charitable organisation that provides support and counselling to children and young people.  Signpost also offers a free service to parents which allows them to discuss any support or advice they require.  Please visit the site for further details.


PARENTS & STUDENTS: e-Safety Advice

The school takes eSafety incredibly seriously and has appropriate filters in place to prevent any inappropriate access to the internet via the school system.  We teach students how to stay safe online through PSHE lessons, assemblies and the wider curriculum. Students are encouraged to report online concerns to staff or via CEOP

Our commitment to protecting our students online is demonstrated by working with National Online Safety to provide resources for parents and carers to help keep their children safe online. The resources include courses, online videos and guides covering a huge range of topics. We strongly recommend all parents to access these resources by creating an account via the registration link to complete their details and by selecting ‘Parent/Carer’ as the user type.  

We also recommend parents to familiarise themselves with the websites below.   - The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre has set up its own educational website which has been designed and written specifically for children, young people, teachers, parents and carers.  This website contains lots of information about staying safe online, with tips about games, social networking, mobile technology and more.  - Kidsmart is an award winning internet safety website for parents and those working with children. It has been developed by the children's internet charity Childnet International and has excellent information on many of the technologies used by children, with guidance on how to ‘stay safe’ online.   One in five young people have experienced bullying by text message or via email. This web site gives advice for children and parents on bullying.   - This website is about the potential dangers with interactive services online like chat, IM, online games, email and on mobiles. It provides information, advice, true stories and games. The resource page also contains a number of links to other useful websites.

Some Key Advice for Children and Young People 

  • Be nice online.
  • Keep your personal details private.
  • ThinkB4Upost, send or forward.
  • Do not share your password with others.
  • Don’t arrange to meet up with someone you only know online, and tell a trusted adult if someone asks.
  • Be careful who you webcam with.
  • Know how to keep yourself safe.
  • Don’t open an attachment unless you are 100% sure it is safe.
  • Tell a trusted adult if anything happens online that worries or upsets you.



Advice for popular apps and social media platforms

Cyber-flashing - Parent Factsheet

Fortnite - Parent FactsheetInstagram - Parent Factsheet

Loot Boxes - Parent FactsheetSnapchat - Parent Factsheet

TikTok - Parent FactsheetWhatsApp - Parent FactsheetYouTube - Parent Factsheet

Top Apps Among ChildrenFacebook - Parent FactsheetOnline Safety - Top 10 Parent Tips