Able and Ambitious

Able and Ambitious 

"students are not innately gifted or talented and that effort is a key characteristic of being a high achiever"

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Able and Ambitious captures the idea that some students are performing at a level over and above expectations in a certain area, but that this situation is flexible depending upon effort. Able and Ambitious students have to work hard to maintain this position, while other students can join the Able and Ambitious programme through improving their performance throughout the year. Please click on the link below to see an overview of our student provision.

Able & Ambitious Student Provision Overview 

Each department has a provision map which outlines the help and support students receive on this programme.

  • Able & Ambitious departmental criteria
  • In lesson provision
  • Extra curricular provision
  • Home provision 

Able & Ambitious: Super Curriculum

To access the super curriculum, we encourage you to kindly direct your child to the following links, these can also be found on the School Website and Student Dashboard:


KS3 Super Curriculum   

KS4 Super Curriculum  

KS5 Super Curriculum  


As part of our Able & Ambitious program; we are always on the lookout for inspirational career stories to share with our students. If you are interested in being a guest speaker and sharing your experiences in person or through pre-recorded videos, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Miss Parry at to explore opportunities to inspire and make a difference together.

High Flyers Programme

The High flyers program supports students who are interested in applying to any course that requires an early application, Oxbridge subjects, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary. 

Students are individually guided through every step of the application starting in year 10 by building up the skills, experience and reading needed for their chosen area of study. The program also offers:

  • Guest speakers including past and present Oxbridge students
  • Guidance on wider reading
  • Work Experience opportunities
  • Personal Statement guidance and individualised support
  • Workshops for entrance examinations including UCAT and BMAT
  • Interview practice both within and outside of school
  • Support from an education psychologist
  • EtonX support to develop soft skills