School Closure Procedure

School Closure Notification System – Parent/Carer Sign Up

If we have severe weather conditions or any other emergency, then it may be necessary to close the School. Please be assured that the School will not be closed unless there is an unacceptable risk to students, staff or external agencies. Under such circumstances, we may also need to close the School during the day and send students home early. This would be the case if conditions worsen or are likely to worsen during the afternoon and evening.

In the unlikely event that the School closes during the day, a message will be sent out via email to parents and carers.  The School will include a notification on the School website.

Please note that Hertfordshire County Council has taken the decision to close the Everbridge notification system from 31 July 2022 and the School will no longer use this facility from the new academic year starting 5 September 2022.

We would be grateful if parents/carers could refrain from phoning the School as you will be unable to leave a message on our system and there may only be a limited number of staff in the office to take the calls.