Pupil Premium Support

Rickmansworth School is committed to ensuring all students have equity in their educational experience. Students are given the support, resources and opportunities they need to ensure that they fulfil their academic potential and make informed decisions about their future goals and aspirations. We are committed to working with our community to overcome any barriers students may encounter. 

Key Staff:

Miss Parry, Assistant Headteacher - staff.parry@rickmansworth.herts.sch.uk

Miss Bradshaw, Pastoral Support Officer - staff.bradshaw@rickmansworth.herts.sch.uk


How do I apply for pupil premium?

The Pupil Premium is a grant of money available to schools if students are eligible for free school meals. This grant then is paid directly to the school to use to improve the academic attainment of students.

To apply for free school meals you must go to the following Hertfordshire County Council website:

Free School Meals

If you have been successful in the application, Hertfordshire County Council will contact the school. It is also useful if you contact the school to make them aware of an application as we sometimes don't get notified by Hertfordshire in a timely manner.

Please see the information on the Hertfordshire County Council website regarding remaining eligible for Free School Meals. In most instances once an application is made the free school meal is available until the end of secondary school.

What happens if my child is in sixth form, can they still apply for Free School Meals?

Please see the sixth form team and ask for a 16-19 Bursary pack. 

Alternatively please click the link below.

16-19 Bursary Fund

What support is on offer?

Based on current research we currently have an individual support package which varies from student to student. We do not follow a blanket approach as each student needs support in different ways.

Support can vary from providing equipment or school supplies, books and lesson resources, funding or partly funding educational trips, musical instrument lessons or supporting with uniform. 

We welcome any opportunity to understand any barrier students may experience in their school life and to work with families to help in overcoming this. Please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please be assured that we are aware that the topics you may wish to discuss around financial support are personal and we will be sensitive in our approach to this process.

For more information or an informal discussion about supporting your child, please contact Miss Parry, either by email or telephone. 



Is there financial support for uniform purchase?

The school shop currently has a list of all pupil premium students and so no claim is necessary from them - currenrly, students in receipt of pupil premium are funded for one uniform claim per year. 

If you wish to purchase items not from the school shop, please use the following claim form. If you require a printed copy please contact the main reception. Again you are only allowed 1 claim per year. 


What support is there for trips and visits?

Opportunities for students to develop and extend their wider knowledge areas have for some external opportunities have been shown to improve student outcomes. As such, we try to fully fund trips which foster the aims of the school.

At Key stage 4, where the trip is compulsory for the course we will fully fund this. The only trip that is specified as being compulsory is the GCSE Geography NEA fieldwork. 

All trips and visits are granted on a case by case basis with varying levels of support. Overall, extensive research has shown that these opportunities are high cost with less impact at raising achievement.

Some curriculum and educational trips will have more positive outcomes than others and as such applications are more likely to receive higher funding than others. We do not fund the ski trip for pupil premium students.

Can I get help with purchases for innovation and design and food technology?

We support students with the buying of materials for these subjects at KS3 and 4 should they require anything. 

If you have any issues please contact Miss Parry

I really want to help my child go onto further education but I don't know how.

Please contact the sixth form team for applications to sixth form.

All students receive 1:1 careers support and also look for opportunities with potential work placements or events. 

Please contact the careers department should you have any questions or want any guidance.

Is there any financial support for BYOD?

Parents of children eligible for Pupil Premium funding should contact the Finance Office via BYODfinance@rickmansworth.herts.sch.uk should they require support to access the scheme.

Please see the BYOD page for full information.

My child is adopted. Am I able to access Pupil Premium Plus funding?

Yes. All adopted children are entitled to Pupil Premium Plus funding. In order to access Pupil Premium Plus, the school will require evidence of adoption. Our Pastoral Support Officer will meet with all adopted children and their parents to discuss the student's educational and pastoral needs and how the Pupil Premium Plus funding can support.