School Values & Ethos

Our vision is to develop well-rounded, successful individuals, all of whom make a positive contribution to Rickmansworth School life and the wider community. Our aim is to develop the whole person; intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

At Rickmansworth School we promote our key values and ethos through our six “Ricky R’s” and through our ambitious curriculum we strive to educate our students to:

  • be Responsible
  • show Respect
  • form positive Relationships
  • to be Resourceful
  • to be Resilient
  • to be Reflective

Rickmansworth School is a very happy and stimulating environment, one which is based on mutual respect and collaborative relationships between staff, students and the wider community. Through inspirational teaching and wider opportunities we aim to stimulate a thirst for knowledge and foster an intellectual curiosity amongst staff and students alike, helping our students to develop into life-long learners. All members of the School community are responsible for their own personal ambitions and that of others.  We recognise that an ambitious, balanced and broad curriculum is essential for all students to become reflective learners and become the next generation who are ready for the future. We strive to provide first-class facilities and exceptional teaching to enable students to develop into resourceful and resilient individuals.