Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Exam Board: AQA
EPQ Coordinator: Mr Cavender

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a Level 3 Qualification that may be taken in Year 12 alongside your A level choices. It is an independent research project in which you choose your own topic, set your own question and carry out your own research. You will either write a dissertation or produce an ‘artefact’ (such as a computer program, model or piece of artwork) together with a written report.

The EPQ is the equivalent to half an A Level (A* = 28 UCAS points) and can help you stand out in your personal statement or interview, especially if you want to go on to study subjects that are not offered at A Level, or if you wish to apply for competitive courses or places at Russell Group/Oxbridge.  You will also learn valuable transferable skills, such as independent research, project management, critical thinking, and communication.

“… universities recognise the need for students to progress and develop their skills over time …”



There is a requirement of a minimum 120 hours of study for the EPQ, of which 30 hours are classroom-based ‘taught skills’. There is one 1 hour lecture and one 1 hour tutorial every fortnight. There is a requirement of at least a further 90 hours of independent study.


You will submit either a 5,000-word dissertation or an ‘artefact’ with a minimum 1,000 word written report at the end of Year 12. You must also give an oral presentation at the end of their project, with a question and answer session. Throughout the course, you must keep a detailed production log of your progress. Your project will be submitted to the exam board for the November entry.


The EPQ is graded from A* to E, with the following UCAS points awarded: A* = 28; A = 24; B = 20; C = 16; D = 12; E = 8.