Information for University and College Admissions Teams

On 19 March 2020, Rickmansworth School Year 12 students were informed that due to the COVID pandemic, they would be educated remotely from home.

Staff began this lockdown by posting work on the School’s on-line G-Suite facility. In June, the School began to provide live and recorded lessons to Year 12.

All Year 12 students sat a formal end of year exam before the end of the academic year. All of these assessments were completed and submitted on-line with students receiving feedback on their work.

During the summer term, students began receiving on-line guidance and support in order to start their UCAS applications. They were advised to sign up for virtual open days and make use of on-line platforms such as Unifrog, UCAS and Purepotential to support them further. However this process was not as robust as in previous years and the students returned in September with more work to complete than usual.

Throughout this academic year, the School will be implementing a rigorous catch up programme which aims to address any gaps in learning resulting from the pandemic.